Sun's Out, Guns Out!

Monthly featured treatments are never from Bliss’ everyday menu, and are a great opportunity to focus on one aspect of a treatment you’re curious about. This treatment will ONLY be available for the month of May, 2017, and is otherwise included in the Full Back Treatment. Click here for full menu.

If you aren’t native to the west coast, odds are, the most exciting thing about this lifestyle is the accessibility of pools! From swimming (with sunblock before and after) to just hanging out by the pool reading (while not forgetting to reapply sunblock), a considerable amount of our summer plans involve bare shoulders.

But – are you ready?

Shoulders are out of sight, out of mind for us, and often neglected. There are several reasons they need some TLC.

  • Sun Damage – Freckles are only but so cute. If you have overexposed your shoulders to the sun, it is time to start repairing that!
  • Friction from clothing – after hiding in sweaters or even t-shirts all winter, the shoulders could be feeling pretty rough and dry. A shoulder treatment will offer a smoother, more tone-even appearance.
  • Bacne – Some of us are just prone to acne, any and everywhere. Treating this will be different than how you care for the skin on your face.
  • Working out – Your summer body is ready to go! Because all bodies are summer bodies. We are people, not bears. Sometimes, however, the sweat from working out can trigger breakouts on your back, shoulders, and chest.
  • Chloracne – YES, the pool can actually cause you to break out more! Especially if you’ve ever swallowed pool water. I know it sounds gross but face it: if, as a kid, you didn’t leave the pool exhausted, starving, with knotted hair, a headache, and a tiny bit of chlorine in your belly, you just weren’t living life to the fullest.

These are just the most common reasons. Medications, reactions to detergents, abrasive body soaps – all of these can trigger body breakouts. We can take steps to remedy and prevent body skin issues, and work to maintain a healthy smooth skin tone.

This one hour treatment includes:

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Exfoliation
  • Extractions (if necessary)
  • Massage
  • Hydration

See you soon!

PS – For love’s sake…wear your sunblock!


Heat complainers: Sometimes, we feel the urge to complain about the heat. Okay, it’s me. I’m talking about me. When we do, just remember that in January 2017 our average temperature in Phoenix was 59 degrees. In Chicago, it was 29 degrees. Tell yourself (okay, tell me) to suck it up! Time to pay the piper.



High Frequency Purifying Treatment

There’s a simple trick to tighten sagging skin.

High frequency doesn’t get the attention it deserves! This device uses a gentle electrical current to oxygenate the skin and increase blood circulation. There are different types of high frequency – we’ll choose what is appropriate for your skin type and you’ll notice immediate results. This treatment can:

  • Fight bacteria and reduce breakouts
  • Tone and tighten skin, softening fine lines and wrinkles
  • Warm the skin to encourage collagen production & cell renewal
  • Calm puffy eyes & fade dark eye circles
  • Tighten enlarged pores

This treatment is perfectly safe for skin. When scheduling your appointment, we’ll discuss how to best prepare.

See you soon!


March Special – Organic Lift!


Skin needs hydration and balance during seasonal changes!
Organic Peptide treatment great for pregnancy, hormonal acne, or dehydrated skin.


Do you notice the seasonal changes in your skin? Winter has been especially dry this year, and that takes a toll on our skin – particularly the face, since it is constantly exposed to the elements. Cold, dry air makes for rougher skin that can appear cracked or patchy. Hot showers may be comforting, but will dehydrate your skin even more.

The Organic Lift, non-chemical ‘peel,’ is the perfect way to rejuvenate your skin.

  • Your skin will not peel. For this treatment, a similar technology is used to penetrate lower layers of your skin.
  • High in polypeptides, this treatment builds protein and encourages collagen production to keeps your skin taut and smooth.
  • Hyaluronic acid adds hydration and moisture to your skin, enabling your cells to grab onto water more easily and hold onto it longer.
  • Gentle, effective, and beneficial to all skin types, including those expecting.

This Organic Lift is often incorporated into other treatments, but is not available on Bliss’ service menu as an individual treatment. The month of March is your only opportunity to experience this special treatment at a special price.

See you soon!

How Can Pomegranate Help My Skin?

Pomegranate can help you attain younger-looking skin. It’s loaded with vitamins K and C, potassium, copper, zinc and iron. These nutrients can help to prevent premature skin aging, and keep our complexions smooth and radiant. Pomegranates are well known for powerful antioxidants, which help to protect our skin from oxidative stress. The most important when it comes to anti aging and acne pimples!

Pomegranate enzymes work to:

  • Hydrate skin
  • Combat inflammation from acne breakouts
  • Protects our bodies against the sun and environment
  • Stimulates collagen production

Everyone has a favorite use for pomegranate – what’s yours?

Questions? Ask below!

See You Soon!
-Tierre @ Bliss

February is American Heart Month

American Heart Month

What are you doing to protect your heart?

No, I’m not talking about whether or not you’ve kept true to the promise you made to yourself to stop calling your ex (but really, you should).

I’m talking about what you are doing to keep your heart physically healthy.

Here’s a list of just the common heart diseases. But definitely check here (*click* ) to find out more about symptoms and causes.

  • Rheumatic heart disease
  • Hypertensive heart disease
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Cerebrovascular disease
  • inflammatory heart disease

I’ll bet you think you’re too young to be concerned with heart disease – but ask anyone over thirty how quickly age sneaks up on you.

Keeping your heart healthy is a side effect of an overall healthy lifestyle (I say that like it’s easy, right?), but there are a few little things you can do that target heart health specifically:

  • Use spices to season your food instead of salt. It can still be tasty, I promise. Pick up some Mrs. Dash the next time you go shopping!
  • Make time for physical activity. If you can’t make it to the gym six days a week like me – and by that, I mean driving by – take a walk. Sacrifice a mere 15 minutes of your lunch break to a healthier heart.
  • Don’t smoke! No ifs, ands, or butts! (see what I did there?)

And remember, less stress leads to a healthier heart.

Wait, so… I guess that means not calling your ex DOES keep your heart physically healthy!

See you soon!
-Tierre @ Bliss

What You Need To Know About Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is tried and true. Having crossed over from Hollywood to mainstream, this service is the perfect alternative to more invasive treatments. No down time!

It works by lightly buffing away the dry, dull skin cells to reveal youthful, more treatable skin. Effective for:

  • Light scarring
  • Discoloration
  • Sun Damage
  • Stretch Marks
  • Age Spots
  • Blackheads

Adding this service to your appointment makes for better product penetration. Get the most out of your treatment and the products you use at home!

Scheduling a microdermabrasion service on a regular basis goes far in keeping adult acne at bay.

Questions? Ask below!

See you soon!
-Tierre @ Bliss

What You Need To Know About Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning is currently the MOST popular form of manual exfoliation.

The drastic increase in popularity is because of the immediate results. The procedure is safe, and there is little to no down time.

When combined with our enzyme treatments or peels, this procedure is highly effective for anti-aging.

During the procedure, a special blade is used to remove 21 days of dead skin cells. You’ll not only lose that dull layer hiding your bright complexion, but you’ll be rid of peach fuzz!

Revealing the fresh layer of skin multiplies the efficacy of your skin treatment and your at home products.

Dermaplane treatments can be done on any skin type, since the depth of the treatment is controlled by your esthetician. Dermaplane is a favorite among estheticians, a – MUST have treatment.

Questions? Ask below!

See you soon!
-Tierre @ Bliss

Ready to WIN?


Bliss is constantly expanding skin care treatments! I’m really excited, and I want to make sure all of you are receiving treatments that will help continue your journey to healthy skin.

Of course, the best way to receive the newest skin treatments is to schedule an appointment online:

But if you are willing to chance it, you can try to WIN treatments!

From now until the end of November, you’ll be able to win various skin care treatments through the Bliss Beauty DS Facebook page. These treatments will include Express Facials, Signature Facials, or the popular new FALL facial (featuring seasonal enzymes).

Here’s the catch – I’m not going to tell you when to enter.  The ONLY way to find out when to enter is through Facebook!

The only way to guarantee that you will see the posts notifying you of when contests will happen, you’ll have to subscribe to the Bliss FB page. Here are some quick instructions on how to subscribe. If you are having trouble figuring it out from your device, just let me know, I can walk you through it!

  1. Go to
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  3. Click on “More Options” (this may look different, depends your device!).
  4. Click on the option to edit your notifications.
  5. In order to win, you only need to subscribe to photos!


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Fight Like A Girl!


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a hormonal disorder affecting 5-10% of women of reproductive age. This disorder causes clusters of small cysts to be formed in the ovaries.

Women who are afflicted with this condition often feel self conscious about their looks, having symptoms like excess hair, acne, or weight gain. The physical symptoms can also extend to infertility or diabetes.

While there are many different treatments for PCOS, there is no cure. Living with the condition physically can be difficult, but can be managed; however, when it comes to dealing with this condition emotionally, that’s where we see real strength. Your mothers, sisters, and friends are stronger than you know – they had to learn how to fight like a girl. 

I’ve struggled with PCOS for a long time. The constant struggle with anxiety, weight changes, and many other symptoms are a daily battle. I have learned to forgive myself when I am overwhelmed, and I am lucky enough to have a supportive husband for the good and the bad times. 

I suffer from this condition. I’ve had 2 ovarian cyst removals. The condition causes us to have a very difficult time conceiving and losing weight. Many suffer in silence because from the outside we look completely normal. Our hormones are usually out of wack 90% of the time which causes us to stress out more which adds to weight gain, depression etc. My acne is a cause of the PCOS and oily skin. I smile in spite of PCOS it may be a condition I have but it doesn’t have ME!!! 

LaTasha Kittles

Esthetician, Medical Receptionist, Manicurist

This diagnosis was very depressing for me. I wanted very much to have children, and with the type of PCOS I have, I no longer saw that as a possibility. When I decided to adopt, I wasn’t sure if it would really fill the need I had to become a mother. Luckily, I now have the two most beautiful children I could have ever hoped for, and who fulfill me in every way; and I am so grateful to be there for them the same way.

Melinda, mother 

Do you have a story to share? 

Acne! How do I deal?



For some of us, the word makes us shudder.

When discussing with adult clients what acne is and what their breakouts are about, I actually avoid the word!

Yes, pimples can indicate acne. Acne occurs when a hair follicle is clogged with the oil that pores produce to lubricate our skin. That hair follicle becomes inflamed, or infected. As we know, our white blood cells are what fight infection in our body – so, they gather at the site of the infection, forming what we commonly call “pus.”

Almost all teens will encounter acne at some point. The oil production in our skin is heavily affected by hormone fluctuations, every teen’s plight. What makes it worse? Stress! Which, of course, is the natural response. For teens, it can often be a good idea to reach for [professional] acne products. With monitoring, we can work to keep the skin balanced while the body continues to change.

By the way, I know what all of our mothers and grandmothers said, but — food does NOT cause acne! Oil production is based on hormones and genetics, not the oil you consume. It is, however, necessary to be mindful of the hormones IN our food, dairy being a common culprit.

For adults, products geared toward acne are almost never appropriate. Let’s talk about congested skin.

Congested skin appears thick, dull, has stretched out pores and often lots of blackheads. It happens because of poor skincare. Period. Often adults try acne products to clear this up, when in reality it is stripping your skin and causing even more oil to be produced.

So, what IS going to help congested skin?

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – wash your face! Use products that are appropriate for your skin type, wash your face twice a day, keep any outside oils from your skin, and exfoliate regularly. After years of not caring for your skin properly, it can be difficult to figure out your skin type and select appropriate products. Leave THAT to the professionals. 😉

See you soon!